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Download HyperCam

If you want to watch the screen actually in the form of the AVI video, then definitely you should start to use the Hypercam. The best thing about it is that you would get all your work done on the desktop only, no need to hover here and there. One most important thing that you should take notice of is that it actually uses an upgraded version of the interface.

Therefore, the navies have to be very particular while using it. Well you could see that over all look is little bit cumbersome, nevertheless you will definitely find it easy to operate as well. The main function is to grab the image from the desktop of your windows screen and then convert that to the AVI files. In addition to this, the Hypercam is programmed in a way so that it can capture the sound that actually comes from the microphone of the system. However, you should remember that it is not used to record again any other types of the video clips from any other screen. Apart from all these, you can see that this is capable enough to support all kinds of the text annotations. In addition to this, this also has the screen shots and good sound quality as well. Moreover, you should also check out the compression quality and have the selected frame rate. You need to check all these before recording the movie. The best thing that you can see is that the V.2 version of the hypercam goes well with the Windows vista.

Above all, you could see that this is actually a great product of the Hyperionics. Moreover, these are actually used everywhere in the world both for commercial as well as domestic purposes. You can also feel the magic of the quick time support along with that you can also get the MPEG support as well. Therefore, you should not waste the time and grab the opportunity to have this as well.

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