Download eDVD

eDVD is an innovative software utility that promises you to offer the ability to enhance the DVD that you have created using various DVD authoring tools or utilities. Designed and developed by Sonic Solutions, the publishers claim that you can add various elements to your existing videos to make it appealing and high-end. Developed for Window XP platforms, this tool offers support for various DVD authoring tools such as DVDLab, DVDit, DVD SP, Encore, Nero, etc. It makes use of the interActual Player tool to implement the various enhancements. And this tool was what was used for discs of popular DVDs such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Another prominent feature offered by this tool is the ability to link various applications to the DVD menu. And in this context, you will be able to link your DVD from the menu list to MS PowerPoint presentations, MS Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, and various other kinds of commonly used files. You can also link the DVD menu to the Web by linking it to hi-definition videos on the internet or even to websites. Some of the other components to which you can link your DVD menu include archived files and folders and executable files.

You can check out this interesting tool on a free to try basis for a limited trial period of 10 days and for a limited usage of 10 trials. The tool does not comprise the option of multiple skins; unless you decide to procure it for another extra $50. These interchangeable skins are beneficial when you want to add your logo or company name to the DVD menu. Other than this functional limitation; the tool claims to be an interesting utility for all users who want to create their own DVDs and enhance it as per their specific requirements. It’s multiple file support and DVD authoring tool support makes it an ideal choice.