Xilisoft AVI to DVD converter
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Download Xilisoft AVI to DVD converter

Now you can easily convert the AVI to DVD, with the help of the Xilisoft AVI to DVD converter. You would definitely like to tour out certain other features like it cuts off the unused portion of the video, it crops the size of the picture and also inserts the watermark as well. In fact, it has the power to work with great speed and also modifies the menu of the DVD template.

In addition to this, you should also remember that it is capable enough to alter various types of the audio tracks. Even it can insert sub titles and change text as required. Moreover, it also edits the clippings of the video and it various features. Apart from burning the videos, it also create various ISO pictures and DVD files .In order to make it more effective, you should prepare your own template. The Xilisoft AVI to DVD can convert several files at one time only. In order to convert the files, it actually uses the process of the multi core processing and multi threading as well. For the convenience of the user, it actually adds thumbnail and video to the individual titles pertaining to the DVD catalogue. As compared to other converters, you can see that it is programmed in way so that you can directly watch the movie without wasting time after watching the menu. In addition to this, it also sets the volume and the audio play as well.

Even it also enables you to add various types of the titles to the video. Apart from this, it also performs other tasks like adding subtitle position, delay and font. The converter also allows you to insert the chapters at particular intervals. One of the remarkable features is that it enables you to enjoy prolific array of the languages which includes Japanese, English, Chinese, and German as well. Above all, you should know that this converter previews the file in an orderly way.


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