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Often people need to convert file formats of different videos to easily accessible video formats. This will help the user to watch videos from any media players. Now, it is not easy to convert such videos, however, if someone has Hero Video Converter software with him, he can easily perform this function. Hero Video Converter is one of the top class software in the field of video converting. It easily converts DVDs to VCDs. Hero Video Converter not only converts DVDs to VCDs, but it also converts several other popular video formats. This software can change AVI format to MPEG.

Hero Video Converter also converts VOB, DAT and RM video formats. It converts the video files into the popular video formats like – MPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, RM, MPG etc. Hero Video Converter can convert a number of files at a time. This software supports batch conversion of video files. This saves a lot of time of the user and; thus, the user can convert a large number of video files into the popular formats. Hero Video Converter also supports HT i.e. Hyper Thread. This helps the user to make use of this software in several purposes at once.

The user interface of this high quality software is extremely user friendly. It helps the user to understand the working mechanism of the software exceedingly easy. Anyone can employ this software as it is extremely straightforward to use. It converts video files in a high speed. Such features make this software one of the best in the whole of video converting category. All these make this software an obvious choice for all the users, who are looking for such software that can convert different DVD video files into the popular video file formats.