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Nowadays there are many different video formats in the world, if you are having troubles playing a video in your conventional video player, it may be because of this and you don't have the necessary codec to play that video format. Won’t it be great if you have a tool that is capable of converting video, audio and images files to different formats all together?

FormatFactory is such a solution among the video converters available today in market with varying abilities. It is surely going to impress anyone who needs some help converting between multimedia file formats as it has lot many features and most interestingly, free. This fully featured tool lets you easily and quickly convert your favorite audio and video files in almost all popular formats. Some of the formats it supports include MPG, AVI, WMV, WMA, JPG, PNG and GIF. It even features support for the media formats that portable devices like iPhone and PSP use. Thus, the program is designed to suit almost everyone and every device. The program interface is simple yet well organized making the features easy to access and use. One of the panes list the main functions of the program while the other pane display the detailed view of conversion that you undertake. You can also customize the interface by setting skins and color themes to match your choice.

In addition to conversion of file formats, the program is capable of combining files to single large file or compress files in ISO format to create CSOs. It can even be used for ripping CDs and DVDs. While converting or joining files with this tool, you can adjust the size and quality of the output file. You can also set to shut down your system when the conversion process ends so that you can leave the computer unattended when converting large files. The program is also capable of repairing damaged video and audio files. In short, the program deserves to be anybody’s first choice when looking for converters of multimedia files.

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