Web Radio Tools

Download Web Radio Tools

All radio stations should make their accessibility easy to all listeners. If listeners have to work hard in locating the channels and if it is time consuming, people will ignore it. Therefore web radio tools are made available for easier accessibility of channels. The first amongst them can be the multi player links, which will enable any listener to listen to music with any well known media player. They can be real player, windows media player, Winamp, VLC media player, iTunes, XMMS and many others.

Care is taken so that all of this can be done in a single click. This will increase its popularity amongst people and will keep them happy. Most of the people across the globe have become fond of Blackberry’s and iPhones. Since many people are using these gadgets, web radio tools should be made available to them as well. For all these people a free listener portal has been designed which will convert any SHOUTcast station into an internet radio. The best part of this facility is that, it will work anywhere.

This is sure to make all blackberry and iPhone users happy. The next one is the SHOUTcast Flash Player which, if embedded in a website, listeners can directly tune in from the browser. This saves a lot of downloading acts which is annoying to most people. As music is something to enjoy, this player helps everyone enjoy that with very less effort. Most of the browsers support this flash player. Some of the common ones are Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.