Video Cutter Max Free ZF

Download Video Cutter Max Free ZF

Video Cutter Max Free ZF is a convenient and user friendly application to extract the allotment of various video files to various video formats. This software was established by the Audio Tools, which requires a free licence and which can be operated in any operating system of Windows. The software contains several features, which makes it unique and gets a worldwide acceptance. All types of input video formats are accepted and very well designed for easy handling by the users.

It supports Audio Video Interface, Flash Video, MOV, ASF, WMV, Motion Pictures Experts Group, etc. with a lot more audio and video codec. There are various encoders and decoders present. The supported input video formats in the Video Cutter Max Free ZF are those video files that can be encoded with any of the following codec like: Apple Animation, Electronic Arts CMV, Autodesk RLE, Apple QuickDraw, Graphics, MJPEG-B, American Laser Games Video, Fraps FPS1, MSMPEG4, Motion Pixels Video, Sony PlayStation MDEC, TechSmith Camtasia, Render ware TXD, Huff YUV, H.263(+) Real Video 1.0, ATI VCR (1, 2), Westwood VQA, IBM Ultimo ion, Tiertex Seq Video, Cirrus Logic AccuPack, Microsoft RLE, Micro Video XL, Used in Sierra VMD Files, etc.

The Video Cutter Max Free ZF has been proving to be valuable software for most of the users.