Tag and M3U
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Download Tag and M3U

Tag & M3U is a good management utility and a handy management, which is specially designed for music files. With the help of this application one can easily and quickly rename the personal music collection and embedded tag data could be used. This tag data is applicable within wma files and mp3. One can also edit existing tag information or write a new one. All tag could be created on the basis of files name present. Other than tagging, creating and editing could also be done to M3U playlist. The different tags present are ID3V1, ID3V2 and WMA; one can synchronize these tags with the help of a single click. Being a powerful editor it can make playlist using the found files. These found files could be made using the Tag & M3U search tool which is quite powerful. Since it has multiple languages it had proved to be user friendly around the globe.

Tag & M3U is also used to remove or set the read only attribute. Other than this both the redo and the undo feature are quite powerful and the application has four options for tag fields and file names. The tag info file is easily loaded for all the music files present in the album. Both trailing spaces and trim leading is available in the entire place.

There are additional tools for Swap Tag field and supply copy. A mass changing file extension is provided which is between mp4 and ma4. It can play music files and have powerful export functions. The requirement for this application is 16MB RAM and about 5 MB disk space. Pentium 166+ processor is also required to use this application. One can buy a Tag & M3U program or use the free trial version available online. This trial version could only be used for about thirty days.

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