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This software program is a more advanced stage of cart machine. The whole concept of a cart machine has been revolutionized and made more users friendly. This software is a more computerized version of cart machine, which was originally used in various radio stations. The main function of this program is to record the different songs, advertisements in a slot or screen and play them according to the selection of the user.

It is very functional and effective when used in plying various commercials or advertisements and jingles. All the information is collected and stored in a cartridge. This only makes the process of playing the selected songs easier. This software is the kind of revolution that brings the whole idea of a cart machine to the computer only in a better and a more comprehensive way. One can select up to 75 number of recordings at one go and play them accordingly.

Each tone is assigned to a particular key. All a person has to do is click on the button to play the given recording. This is a feature that makes the entire process more in tuned to the function of given sound effects in various situations. Multiple or various kinds of recordings can be played at the given point of time. All one needs to have is QuickTime. It can be played as an mp3, AIFF and WAVE.  If the program has not been registered, it will work in its Lite version.

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