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It is good to have a list of songs that are present in the computer. However, it is not an easy task at all as in most of the cases there are a lot of songs present in everyone’s computer. In such a context, top quality software is the only solution, which will let the user generate a song list. Now, Song List Generator is such software that generates the song lists of music files present in the hard drive of the user’s computer. It comes with a lot of top class features that helps the user to view the generated song lists in a way, which is better than ever.

Song List Generator uses to generate a printable book like song list. The user can print the song list generated by this software. It also imports this list into PDF, HTML formats. This helps the user to upload the list into websites, from where other people can view the list and download it. It is extremely helpful for websites that contain a lot of music files. The user can generate the song lists as per his or her wish.

The Song list Generator software can able to make song lists by the name of the artist, by the title of the song, by DiscID. The user of the software can customize the looks of the lists as per wish by using multi column, different custom messages, various font sizes, with several margin sizes, and most of all, with all new color options. The user interface of this software is extremely attractive. It helps the user to understand the tool and moreover, it also lets the user follow the instruction in the right manner. The advanced users of this software can add raw song data to Microsoft Excel files for further and better processing.