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In most of the cases, it becomes necessary to calculate the amount of time required to play a single song or a number of songs together. Now, it is only possible with top class software support. This is achievable with PlayTime software. It is a top quality tool, which not only helps the user to calculate the total play time of music files, but it also calculate the playing time of movie files too. It can calculate the time span of any music or movie files. The software supports all the audio and video format files for the purpose of calculating their play time.

This software offers a lot of additional features to the users. The PlayTime software comes with a drag and drop facility. The interface of the software allows the user to just drag the music or movie files into the software interface, and it will automatically calculate the entire playing time of the multimedia file. The software also comes with Shell Extension option. It will calculate the total time of play of all the music files, and moreover, it will adjust the time as soon as the user drags a new file in to the software interface or if the user removes a music file from the interface of the software.

This software can export all the rows in the interface in the CSV file or in can export them as per the wish of the user. This software comes with an “Always on Top” option in the toolbar. The graphical interface of the software is quiet attractive for the users. The software has an easy to use working mechanism. Moreover, the first time users can also understand that how the software works, and; thus, they can use the PlayTime software accordingly.

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