Download MP3/Tag Studio

MP3/TAG Studio is the ultimate toolbox answer to all your MP3 files. Management and organization of your music collection gets that much simpler with this. It is quick and easy to use. The program basically needs only one window to function on though it provides numerous controls and is loaded with features through which you can do any tasks needed with a central tabbed panel that blends all the features that are available. The auto-renaming feature that is responsible to take the information from the UD3 tags is the most striking feature of MP3/Tag Studio that helps you to make the needed changes to the files that you have in the directory.

It is easy to browse and edit independent tags and flags that are there for every directory. Apart from this, you can also directly command tags, rename files, and clean up tags on a large scale. With this there is another feature that allows you to trim MP3, search them and reconstruct them. Within seconds, the MP3/Tag Studio prepares all your MP3s, add the files to your data and fix them all for you and play them on all players as well as burn on any CD- burner software. Customizing files the way the user need and edit them individually is also one of the utilities provided by the MP3/Tag Studio.

The features also ask for permission whether to allow the files contained in the subfolder are to be considered to be used or previewed. This software is available free of charge but is on a trial basis after which you need to pay later like a ‘try-before-you-buy’ offer. In spite of this, the program is totally operative and has no time bound linked to it. The current version running is the 3.5 (Beta) with higher speed and stability.

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