Download MixUp

Who doesn’t want to rock the party and turn the beat? You don’t need to be a full-fledged DJ to mix up audios and make the perfect environment. Fancying being a DJ is no longer a dream. You can be one siting right at home and impress all your friends with amazing mixes of music.  What you need is a DJ software program. Mixup is a DJ program that is simple and has an intuitive way of mixing and analyzing your digital music without any complications. MixUp lets you make a remix of four tracks of audio music, be it in MP3, WMA or WAV format. It merges your audios in no time and saves the mix in time loops. With MixUp, you can choose whether to use all the four decks to make the mix or mix the audio files in two decks that are given and use the other two for reviewing purposes. MixUp can turn your digital music files into cool amalgamation of sounds that will create an impression on all.

As exciting to use, the MixUp has many features. Cutting and mixing tracks is pretty simple as it has a simple graphical interface without affecting the usability of the program. With MixUp you can not only mix but also record audios and overdub the audio files and then create a mixture of the sounds making an amazing new track altogether. If you want to fade the volume of a specific track and keep the other tracks dominant then with MixUp, you can change the intensity of the volume of every track to give you a lingering back music.

You can also change and fade the pan and rate of the playback of all the tracks as well. This software has the features that make sure that there are no problems in the sound functionality in the tracks as well. With MixUp, you can start creating live mixes straight away. It does no compromise with the speed of the programing. You can import media playlists and then create your remixes as well. In minutes, you can now be the coolest person in any party; all you have to do is flaunt your creative music and let the music play.