Download Minis–Your Personal MP3 Database

It has been often realised by many users that managing a wide range of MP3 collection is not as easy as it looks like. Many a times, much of its valuable information or some its parts gets misplaced due to its varied range of collection. So as to resolve this issue, the Soft In Corp. has developed new and advanced software named as the Minis that helps in customizing and managing the user’s personal MP3 database in a much organized manner. If any user has many MP3 files in CDs or DVDs or in hard drives, this software helps the user to gather all the information of those MP3 files and allot them into a built-in- database with the help of 3 easy steps.

Minis provide an easy-to-use Windows Explorer search engine for its users by which they can search for their desired MP3 files without the present of a CD or DVD in any of its local hard drives. The software is available in both trial and paid version of a size 700.82 KB, which gets easily operated in all the version of Windows. Other than this, Minis has got some other additional features like helps in acquiring all the information including ID3 Tag information by scanning the user’s drives, edits user’s file name based on ID3 Tag on one go, clears all ID3 Tags of MP3 files under a directory, “Minis Friend” function that helps the user to search its friend’s database, helps in exporting search results to HTML file and much more.

The Minis get installed very easily and has a nice user friendly interface mainly for those who are new to the software. The developer has come up with the later version of the software so that every user stays updated with all the latest applications of the software.

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