Media Catalog Studio Lite
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Download Media Catalog Studio Lite

The software Media Catalog Studio Lite is useful software for the media friendly users. It helps the users to select and classify or track the media files from an internal memory as well as from an external memory.

The software Media Catalog Studio lite was designed by the Maniac Tools publishing group in the year of 2008. Like all other media oriented software, it is sectioned under MP3 and Audio Software group and sub-categorized in the Music and Management software division. The software is supported by mostly every type of operating systems, like windows XP, windows 2000, windows vista and all. It needs some extra software options to operate itself. Else it requires a suitable operating system to run its application. Size of this tool is only 3 Mb and it is very user friendly and very easy to operate by all.

There are some basic properties of this software Media Catalog Studio Lite. It has different carriers in for a video file and as audio file. The software supports every form of media files as well as folders. It also deals with M3U and other PLS playlist. It can track and report the position of any of your media files available in your machine through any internal memory as well as external memory. The memory of this software consists of a database, where the playlists and catalogs of various media files are stored. It also assists the administrator to sort and design the media files according to their wish. Tracking a media file through this software is a very easy task. It also gives all the related information regarding that files too. It consists of a temporary list of files for the efficient performance. Else it also provides tag editing for different media files, generating playlist and many other interactive facilities. This software is a very efficient software used by a mass group of people.

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