Download MCE Joy

With just a game pad or a joystick, MCE Joy lets you control Windows Media Center completely. Running as a tray icon in the background, it automatically knows when there is a device connected to it and it configures them immediately. With the MCE Joy, all Windows Media Center operations can be done with ease starting from its launch to the closing of the program. The MCE Joy’s main feature is to make the Windows Media Center work perfectly compatible with the gamepads and joysticks keeping the uprising gaming users in mind who are mainly into gaming thus giving them a feel of a gaming world in the Windows Media Center.

Setting this up and making it run is as easy as it can be. It is a great tool for multi monitor users but is also quite handy for single monitor users as well. The MCE Joy controls the Windows Media Center just like the click of a mouse except that it gives the user a gaming feel to the entire thing, which naturally is needed when the focus of the users lie primarily on the gaming front. It is necessary for the user to lock his mouse before connecting the controller and should have the idea as to where his controller is for easy navigation. The MCE Joy is a freeware and is easily available for download provided you have a controller at home to substitute your mouse with.

It is a small program and essentially has no complexities associated with it. The Windows Media Center works smoothly with the controls of the gamepad and the joysticks and has no irrelevant disturbances when properly installed. The MCE joy is brilliant software, which is not just an additional feature that shall provide a great gaming sensation to the Windows Media Center, but it is also a simple and speedy program that doesn’t need much thought while using it.

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