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Download MAutopan

Creation of artificial sound effects is one of the key features of techno music in these days as we see that music is more of electric phenomena than the analog thing that it used to be. Thus a huge need for sound processors, producers and emulators was generated in the internet. MAutopan is a software, which attaches itself to the host feature and produces the required sound environment demanded by the user. MAutopan is retro-classic software with an extraordinary finesse in creating artificial sound environments. The variety of sound environments that it can produce is absolutely amazing. It can create anything from a subtle soft environment to a loud and noisy techno-cum-trance mix.

It comes loaded with all the things that are required to produce these environments with great efficacy and clarity. It has a fully adjustable oscillator and sound processing capability, which explains to an extent the clarity and capacity of MAutopan top produce these environments. Amongst all the power that it comes with is hidden a very advanced yet easy to use user interface which makes it effortless for the user to create the environments of his choice. The software comes heavy on size but compared to the other auto panners, it is relatively light. It is compatible with all the recent OS and is freeware.

The sound processing capability of this software goes up to 8-channel sound processing. Along with that, the user is provided with sync with tempo to any particular host. It comes loaded with global presets that aid in the making of the sound environments and also provides online support for the presets that are provided with the software. Fortunately sound creation is being taken seriously by today’s generation as many young minds delve in to make careers out of sound production and this software comes in handy for them with the advanced options packed in a simple user interface.

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