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In this fast growing digital age, beating an old fashioned scratch pad is very hard if you are in the middle of a brainstorming session. If you are looking for a software which can update your old standby, offers space so that you can take notes which can mix text, audio clips, hand drawings, screenshots, voice comments then LivePad is the ideal option for you. Mixing media is invaluable for students or designing teams who are browsing the web.

A tabbed interface of the software allows the user to open several documents at once. Also to save them from unauthorized users, the password function is provided. Some of the cons of this program are- tools for organizing notes is not that good, basic features like linking between documents is absent. Also it not always collect information smoothly.

For example, whenever you will drag and drop pieces from websites, the program will display links rather than the pieces. Features like address book and scheduler are also absent in this software. There are many underdeveloped aspects of this software but it still is a good one for keeping records for cross media brainstorming. If you have planned to use this software, you may go for it.

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