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This is basically a software that allows the user to make a chart presentation of chords on Windows. It is also used as a management application for a variety of settings like life settings and/or personal and/or studio settings. Thus this is a very useful software for not only music enthusiasts but also professional musicians. LiveChord is a great way to manage the whole process of making music, right from the planning stages to the performance stage. If you want to create a library that you can search for your music you can add chord charts to LiveChord.

Once it is a part of LiveChord you can edit or add or even transpose songs and then add them to a set of lists. The best feature of this software is that it can also save added information about all the music files that you add to it. This information includes custom search attributes or timing or tempo or comments and also attachments like MP3 files. LiveChord also comes with a unique media player for playing the songs that are attached. You can customize the charts as LiveChord has a multi-display feature that has the capability to automatically detect and recognize any secondary displays.

LiveChord is actually an ideal software for not only vocalists but also for capo users. You only require viewing the lyrics. The user can actually enter a song attribute of their own choice for each and every chart, helping them to track or find songs easily and quickly. This is allowed by the enhanced search feature of LiveChord. The user interface of LiveChord is light weight and very easy to figure out. It can be used by just about anybody and is a very useful software for those in the music industry. It is very easy to install and does not take up unnecessary space.

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