Lightman Tag editor

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Lightman Tag editor is a popular application used to fill ID3 Tag fields, which are missing.  Even if there are parts of folder names and files name then the missing ID3 tag could be filled. It could be of great help in the process of artist title, year, album, comments and genre. Other than this any things else could be tagged which the user find useful. There are various formats available such as OGG, MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, M4A, MPC and WV. There are a number of options and features available and the program have abundant feature. Some of these are organizing files and folders, creating playlist, exporting data, renaming files etc. These have multiple tasks such as playing, editing and enquiring files. Other than this, it could also be used to load pictures in the player. All the marking present here is simplicity. All these are combined together to form the vast functionality present in the program.

Lightman Tag Editor could be a little complicated at the first use. The only reason in this case is that it offers a number of functions. After starting the application it is necessary to add the required necessary files. Tag information will appear after the file is clicked. This will be displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen. This is the most important part and one will do all the important editing here.

Not only single files, but the Tag Editor helps in editing multiple files present there. The naming convention could be specified from the multiple options present here for directories and files.  The main interface present is quite informative. All details are given regarding the tags and the music files. There is a clean file name feature and the whole application is cost free with exciting features present.