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The program has gained a lot of popularity among the users. The version that is currently available has been upgraded keeping in mind the want of searching iTunes on one’s web search. The program also works very effectively when in sync with one’s playlist. It has a few basic requirements that include, 500 MHz processor namely Pentium. It requires a space of 256 RAM. It works best with Internet Explorer. This software can only operate in the presence of a higher version of an iPhone. It needs a NET framework of 3.0 versions.

It is free software and has been licensed under Freeware. It belongs to the segment of multimedia and more specifically audio. This tool has a video player, which is installed in the system. jClip can save web links and tracks in the easiest possible way. It works mostly when the computer is actively connected to the data services so that the iTunes can be downloaded easily and in a shorter span of time.

jClip can form its own playlists if need be and the help in playing it accordingly. It keeps all the information about a given track apart from just collecting the track and keeping it in the given file. This software assists is segmenting the entire collection according to the genre and thus helps in making the work of the work of the user easier and more comprehensive.

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