iTrackIt for Windows
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Download iTrackIt for Windows

Are you worried about whether you are being tracked or not? Do you think that all your devices have bugs inside them that are sending your personal information to some data collector? Well, iTrackIt for Windows is a software designed for Windows users to get information about your location, which can be tracked. iTrackIt for Windows is a similar application to that of iPhone Tracker for MAC, which also provides you with the knowledge regarding the leaked private information. What the iTrackIt for Windows does is that, it gives the user a graphical representation of the tracked location information, which is stored in the iPhone or the iPad.

iTrackIt for Windows will show you all the tracking that is done in your iPhone, iPad and iPod. With iTrackIt for Windows you can feel safe and move around without the fear that your every step is being noticed. This software has features like map tracking from the iPhone, iPad and iPods, which can work in the Windows platform. The iTrackIt for Windows is compatible with Windows & and hence is quite advanced in its functionality. It also enables you to select a specific time frame to map out the tracking; therefore the tracking can be done at a high speed. Apart from these, this application also lets you zoom into the schematic map of the tracking for exact tracking locator.

iTrackIt for Windows is available in the market on a trial basis, which gives you the liberty to first try the application before buying the product. It is a unique application that secures you from your vital locations to be out and keeps you updated as to when and where you were traced. iTrackIt for Windows neither compromises in its speed nor in its performance, hence it is an efficient and diligent software application.

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