ID3 Tag Editor
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Download ID3 Tag Editor

When there are numerous audio files in your hard disks, to organize and manage them becomes a tiresome job on the part of the user. Moreover to search and identify a particular audio file from a huge number of audio files that do not have any specification can be time consuming and the user ends up with frustration. ID3 Tag Editor is a software program that automatically identifies and searches audio files from the libraries by assigning tags to them like title track, album name, artist name, genre, style etc. ID3 Tag Editor does all this automatically without any manual interaction within seconds and provides the user with the desired file with just a tag search. What this software does is that, it enables the audio players to identify the composition of the audio files and search the song from the entire collection that the user has.

ID3 Tag Editor has features like editing, copying, adding, removing the tag information that is assigned to the audio file. It also supports a number of audio formats like MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, Monkeys Audio, Muse pack, Shorten and APE. ID3 Tag Editor includes ID3v1 and ID3v2 and latest being ID3v2.4 and fully supports Unicode as well as encoding in UTF-8, which allows the users to manipulate the textual codes in any language.

ID3 Tag Editor is not only used by software developers but also hardware professionals around the globe. This software lets the user add their own comments on the tag audio files for easier searches. It is easy-to-use and does not require much complex knowledge of applications to use it. The best part of the ID3 Tag Editor is that the software is entirely clean. It supports both platforms of Windows Vista 32-bit as well as 64-bit Editions. Since the file is very small, it easily downloaded by the computer in minutes and being a freeware the ID3 Tag Editor is an application that every computer with huge music library needs.

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