ID3 Editor Lite

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ID3 Editor Lite is basically a MP3 ID3 tagging editor. It is an editor that allows both beginners and experienced people to use it. It comes with a very good interface. To execute the editing process, this application uses some basic GUI clubbed together in a single screen. All the options are included in that screen.

ID3 Editor Lite can be utilized by anyone who has some basic computer knowledge. The user has to first browse through the folders, which occupy the target files. After this is done, the required information of that particular file gets displayed below the window screen. One can very easily edit track, album, year, comment, artist, genre or any information with the help of ID3 Editor Lite. With the help of ID3 Editor Lite, one can even find out whether a particular track is original or not. This has a built in audio player too that enables one to listen to any selected tracks without the need of any other applications. No configuration screen is available separately; therefore users find it easy to operate it. ID3 Editor Lite can edit two files at the same time. Since all the options are displayed in a single screen, users are less likely to get confused. Therefore ID3 Editor Lite is very much appreciated amongst beginners.

One should never go by the get up of ID3 Editor Lite. It might look very simple but it can perform a lot of important and complex functions in a very easy way. It can really give a tuff time to the big guys of the software segment. ID3 Editor Lite is very much compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. A license is not required to use this since it is a freeware application.