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In this modern era of high quality gadgets, Apple devices are one of the most popular and famous in the market. Now, iPod is undoubtedly amongst the best within all the Apple products. Now, to secure all the music files in the Pod, the user needs to transfer them to the personal computer or iTunes library. This is not an easy task at all, and without the help of high quality software, it is almost impossible. In such context, iCopyExpert is one of the best software that can deliver this task without any problems.

This software is extremely quick and uses to copy the files from iPod to the iTunes library or personal computer of the user in seconds. Moreover, the software not only uses to copy music files, but it also takes a copy of videos from the iPod device to the iTunes library or PC of the user. The software updates automatically, and thus, the user will always get the latest version of the software. The backup system of the software is extremely powerful in quality. The software transfers music to the iTunes library with the playlists, tag names, rating counts, play counts and many more.

The software will backup all the data of the iPod of the user. This backup will not lose a single music file. Even when the computer system of the user will get destroyed or if the user cannot find out iTunes library backup of the iPod contents, this software will help to restore the backup. This is extremely helpful in cases when some stores extremely essential documents in the iPod. All these top class features make this software one of the best in its whole category. That is the reason why; every iPod user is looking for this software.