First Song Editor
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Download First Song Editor

Midi file formats are impossible to edit as their file sizes limit their detection. First Song Editor uses the Midi formats to edit a song by breaking it down into smaller midi formats and letting the user edit the song in progression according to the choice of his own chords. The First Song Editor first generates the chord progressions and then lets the user edit the song with various music styles that are preloaded in the software itself.

The software is free for download to all the users interested in the editing software and need to edit the song of their choice. First Song Editor edits as well as maintains an archive of the songs that are stored or edited. Most of the songs in the software are traditional songs that can be used in any song during the process of editing. The collections of songs that are used are mostly Japanese in nature. The rest of the songs that are archived by the software are mostly international music that is available to the user.

The user interface is easy and the software comes light in size. Its compatibility on the windows format is vast as it works with Windows 98 as well as the all new Windows 7. The platform hardly limits the software as it works with equal finesse in 64-bit or 32-bit platforms. It can archive user defined melodies and store them for future editing sessions. The traditionalistic nature of the songs that come loaded with the software is the only downer. Summing up the software’s functionality would be equivalent to saying that it promises big things and comes in a small package that would work just fine for any user attempting to edit any song of his/her choice. The user would never be disappointed or disgruntled with any of the functionalities of this freeware.


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