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Music files are incomplete without the details of artists, composers and durations along with other details that the media file comes with. The user always wants that his music collection be complete and DCue allows the user to do just that and much more with his/her music collection. The program is coded in C++. DCue uses the Discogs database to document all the metadata of the various tracks that are available in the music directory of the user. It uses the data that is generated to save the data in the cue files that enhances compatibility with the user to have an idea of his music collection in detail.

DCue uses C++11 codes for the execution of the batch commands that is automatically generated for the creation of the cue files that usually contains metadata on track length for any audio type. This software works equally well with CD rips as with the mixes that are stored in the collection. The database that is used by DCue is Discogs.com. All the media or audio file needs to have is a Discogs release id that DCue uses to get the .cue file generated for the users media that is stored in the computer. This software is relatively easy to use and it generates multiple cue sheets for the normal as well as the multiple releases.

DCue is perfect for listening as well as splitting audio files, it works with absolute paths with ease and splitting is relatively light on the processor. The syntax provided is easy and can be forced in multiple to create the cue files with specific file names. The cue files are human readable for a change, which reduces the effort of converting the output file into a readable text file, making DCue a standalone indexer of the missing detail in the users audio collection. Overall it works like a charm and handles complex file locations with ease filling in the detail required.

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