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Cool Flash Manager is the most simple and best app, which acts as a flash manager. The app assimilates all the utilities provided by the Macromedia Flash Player and also gives the users extra functionalities. The functions provided by the Cool Flash Manager are updated and are ever expanding. Using this app you can easily save your flash files, movies and games. The Cool Flash Manager also delivers other functions to its user. With the help of the Cool Flash Manager you can gather flash movie files on net, save flash picture files and convert them into wallpaper for your desktop, convert flash files into screensavers and convert and transform other flash files into .exe file to be played by the Flash Player.

So Cool Manager can be effectively used as a flash wallpaper generator, flash file saver, flash .exe maker and also as a flash screensaver creator. Using the Cool Flash Manager, you can easily control and manage a flash file and play it in a playlist mode, full screen format or multi window format. Previewing the flash files can also be done before actually showing the files. The new OpenGL hardware accelerated method makes it possible to play flash movies or videos in a full screen display at a maximum frame rate per second or fps.

With the Cool Flash Manager you can now easily and efficiently manage your flash files as you can in Windows Explorer. The user can also add his or her comment and notes to every flash files. You can also arrange and manage your flash files into separate categories like flash card, flash sitcom, flash cartoon, flash movies, flash games, flash mtv, flash screensaver, flash .exe file, etc. The Cool Flash Manager is the best application in the market to manage your flash files in the most convenient method.

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