Chord Practise Buddy (Demo)

Download Chord Practise Buddy (Demo)

It has been seen many times that many users face problems while practising some major or minor, augmented or diminished forms of chord. In order to resolve such problem, the Posto5 and has developed new software, as a joint venture, named as Chord Practise Buddy (Demo). This software reduces the problem of chording and seeking help from friends or families for the use of chords. The Chord Practise Buddy (Demo) software, to a large extent, reduces the problems of users regarding the use of chords to a wide range especially for those who are very much addicted in playing various types of games. The software is available in two types of variety and is widely used within such varieties.
 With a MIDI cable - The software will come with a chord, which will help all the applicant users to fulfil their required problems, which they may be facing before using the application. As these chords are mainly used for gaming purpose, it resolves the problems of such users to a large extent as well. The software also provides feedback to check whether the software is working properly or not.
 Without the MIDI cable - Now if any user doesn’t have the MIDI cable then they naturally have to use the chord that has been provided by the software company, which flashes every 2, 3 or 4 seconds, which can be used in order to perform the various chording functions as desired by the user.

The software just requires a MINI cable and use of major chords helps it to perform the task for the users very easily. The Chord Practise Buddy (Demo) is getting its importance day by day from its users as it is fulfilling the required chord purpose of the users. The software with its latest version has been getting a massive feedback from the users.