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Breezer Professional Edition is an app, which operates and manages streams of pictures, audio and video. With the help of Breezer Professional Edition you can create a catalog of all sounds and videos in your computer and search very easily to retrieve the sample you need. With this app the user can create a customized set of specific projects and categories of sound. The Breezer Professional Edition also has a browsing option, which is very fast and efficient. With the help of this browsing facility you can analyze, convert, move, copy, process and edit the samples which are saved in your library. The drag and drop feature of the app is in compliance with all the audio protection application like Steinberg and Adobe Audition. The app has in built support and compatibility with files like WAV, mp3, Flac and Apple AIFF.

There are many features of the app. The app has a complete WASPI, ASIO and DirectSound driver support. The app is also compatible with Propeller-head RCY, RX2 and REX files. The search option and browsing of the app does not use an indexer as its speed is very fast even without the indexer. This app provides its user with the latest multi-threaded interface and player. It also has the advantage of a batch player to easily play the search result or the folder.

The app has a support for sample rates of 192 KHz and supports a bit depth of 64 bit. The Breezer Professional Edition also provides with an incremental search option so that you can even search and browse from within the search results. The all new layered player provided by the Breezer Professional Edition has made it possible to experiment with sample layering without exiting from Breezer Professional Edition. This is one of the added advantages in the new version of this software.

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