Audio Manage Audio Library

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Audio Manage Audio Library is mainly a music organizer that acts as a useful and a music supportive application that helps Windows to detect music files and its components very easily. The software attaches a Unicode MP3 tag editor to the Windows program and its internal Unicode tagger handles the ID3, WM, Vorbis and files like MP (3&4), OGG, M3U and much more. The Audio Manage software adds sparks to its application by allowing the user to access any Windows application directly from the File option of the application by the simple drag and drop method.

This application supports all sorts of tags, various music files and folders and their names and also helps in updating all sorts of album cover and their track information directly from the Web sources without typing any name of the track and making such editing in the language as desired by the user. The Audio Manage software helps to find and remove any sort of duplicate files or tracks whereas the inbuilt search engine not only solves the query of the user but also saves the query in a file or folder for later use. The software has been developed by the Nostrum Global in both the trial as well as of full version product with a price for it so that any user can take a free use of the 30 days trial version of the software and depending on its requirement can go for the full version.

The Audio Manage Audio Library has some features like complete integration with Windows Explorer, works from within the music player and much more only after having an experience of it fully. The software is of only 1.8MB and that supports all the version of Windows smoothly. The developer has made the provision of automatic updates of the software so that the user always has the latest applications for its use.