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Apps to PC is the best application when it comes to transfer apps or any other app document that has been downloaded or installed in the iPad, iPhone and iPod directly onto your hard disk using iTunes. Another alternative maybe downloading the same apps again onto the PC, but using Apps to PC is a much efficient and faster method. This software employs the library of iTunes to copy and transfer apps. The user can use the app to browse through the installed apps on the device.

This app is very useful when you need to uninstall Windows on your PC and re-install it or when you want to change your PC or upgrade it to a better model. However during re-installing or upgrading your PC, if you do not use Apps to PC and rather re-install iTunes, you will not get the apps those were previously installed or downloaded. With the help of Apps to PC, the user can select the apps those he/she would want to delete and the apps to be copied to iTunes.

This app also has advantage in transferring files over iTunes method. Using iTunes, one has to move all the apps onto the PC. However if one is not satisfied with a particular app, then there is no option of disregarding it. However with the help of Apps to PC, you have the opportunity to choose whichever apps you want to transfer to your PC. It also keeps all your favourite apps safe and allows you to browsing through the installed applications on the device.