Download Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is a very popular and widely used music management utility, thanks to its compatibility with both Mac and Windows. In fact, it is considered one of the most ideal music management tools for Windows systems and can be implemented in Windows 7, XP, and Vista systems. A free to use software application, you can use this tool to view, play, and manage both your audio tracks as well as video files. Moreover, it offers the additional capability of enabling you to sync your playlist with various mobile or portable devices such as iPhone, iPod, and even your Apple TV.

You can also connect to the iTunes store using this utility, and this ensures that you are connected to an entertainment hub at all times. This online portal allows you to purchase as well as download songs, audio tracks, music videos, audio books, eBooks, feature films, podcasts, and iPod games. There is also the added benefit of renting movies and feature films. However, this facility is restricted to a select few countries. You can also download ringtones for your iPhone from the iTune Store. Once installed, the tool automatically alerts you whenever there are new updates for the utility and prompts you for the installation.

Although this feature ensures that you always have the updated version and can benefit from all the latest features. Some users also consider this time consuming process one of the limitations of this utility. You can configure this tool as your default audio and video player tool. You can also configure it to store all your newly procured media files in the Cloud. The video tutorial is one beneficial feature that can help you understand all the features and functionalities of this utility. This tool claims to offer you the capability to manage all your media files in one central location and through one single interface.

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