Download Anisoft iPod to Computer

Anisoft iPod to Computer is the software that will help you back up the videos that are a part of your iPod. With the Anisoft iPod to Computer software you can create backups of the media or the video files stored on your iPod, in your computer. This software is very useful mainly because it supports mostly all types of iPod devices. Right from Automatic Scan iPod to iPod Nano or Support type iPod and iPod Classic and also iPod Shuffle. Anisoft iPod to Computer is the easiest and quickest way to back up your videos.

The software provides a quick and efficient browse mode, which means that you can find MP3 files and video files on your iPod at a very fast speed. The way in which the software sorts the music and video files by genre, artist, song name or album makes finding these files even easier. This also makes it easier for the user to decide which files to choose for back up. The transfer rate or the speed at which the files are backed up is very fast thus saving time.

The software allows you to click on check boxes. This means you can select specific songs, videos or files from a wide range of albums or genres. Anisoft iPod to Computer is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems. It is known for the easy and simple user interface. You can now have all your favorite files backed up on your computer thus eliminating the risk that you run of losing them.

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