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There are hundreds of podcasting software in the field, but, some podcasting software which dedicates itself for iPod users or for those who listen to the music with the help of iTunes software is not at all common. MarkAble delivers this job in an exceedingly well manner. MarkAble is not only for podcast listeners, but it also has a full support for audiobook.

This audiobook files are available from iTunes music store or from and they come with bookmarks, that is, the iPod or iTunes player will remember that up to where the listener was in the book, and anytime when the listener will resume listening to the book, the player will resume from the previous point where the listener ends the last session. This audiobook can be available in different file formats, like – mp3, audio CD format, and tape format and so on, and the sources of files can also be various.

MarkAble gather all these files and create it into a bookmark listening format, which extremely vital for music listeners. Unlike its precursors, the latest version has no problems of handling extremely short duration files. All these features make this software one of the most wanted in the podcasting category and also for the iPod and iTunes users.

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