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A busy day, music blaring in the car audio system and you jolt out of the morning reverie and groove to the beats of the song and suddenly the thought comes into your mind, “Why can’t you record songs from the radio”? ClipInc says now you can, and all you need is a computer and an average internet connection. Radios are squeezed into practically any entertainment gadget that you opt for these days. The Androids have your favorite radio app. The TV has a radio, there is the internet radio and the internet provides you with tons of options when you search engine springs to life with the search string “international radio stations”.

ClipInc doesn’t just record your songs from the radio; it also saves the songs in MP3 files for later listening. ClipInc records the songs directly from the radio streams and has a direct save option to the place you want them ordered and saved and organized. ClipInc allows you to detach the songs that you record from the various radio stations and them to your music collection manually or automatically. Listening to good quality music is a requirement an average listener is always pestered with when he listens to music. Fortunately Tobit, the manufacturer of this software takes that into account and allows you to choose the quality you want a specific song to be downloaded and saved to a specific location in your hard drive in.

The file format is a big advantage as formats like .WMA, .AAC s would create issues on most of the music players that are currently in right now in the market. All in all ClipInc is the long awaited answer to all your frustration of listening to a song on the radio and not being able to hear it again when you want to. The current version of the software is loaded with features that allow you to download associated videos with a specific song. So in short it’s just what you need is to have an awesome music collection.