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In media involvements, pre-production is really an important aspect of creating the movies. Sketching out the ideas on whiteboard, storyboard or even scratchpads is called as the preproduction. That is exactly where the software named Celtx hits the very ideas as while being a free tool in comprehensively apprehends the preproduction as well as the project creation in single dimension. This software is free but has to be used while being online. You can also use this software on your Smartphone as it brings all your creative ideas always available in front of you.

The cloud based system and the online registration process may take some time, but it completely free. All your creative thoughts and sketches are stored on the online cloud, from which you can very easily retract your ideas from Smartphone, pc or any other mobile device. Though cluttered with menus and buttons, the interface is eventually intuitive. Project templates for planning or creating movies, stories, comics, film, audio-visual can get you started almost immediately.

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