Download Easy Talking Notepad

Easy Talking Notepad is a text to speech editor software designed and developed by Softdiv software.  This tool reads the text provided as input using one of the available twelve voices provided in its pack.  The tool allows you to convert what it reads in to an audio file and save it as WAV or MP3 file formats.  The tool also has features to increase or decrease the pitch and speed of the voice

The tool basically combines the goodness of both a speech program and notepad editor.  It provides the real time speech feature, where as you type on the notepad, the tool spells each character along with the word.  The tool accepts as input both document format files as well as text files.  This tool supports the natural voices font from At & T labs and hence provides provision for inclusion of more voices in to its base.  The interface design has no major complaints and is simple to use for both experienced and new users.  The option buttons for play, pause and stop are properly positioned and easy to sue. Along with these options, the tool also allows you to easily increase and decrease the speed of speech

The tool occupies more than 12 MB of disk space and is supported on all flavors of Windows Operating systems. The ten day trial version provided looks too short for any analysis and the cost for licensed registration looks a bit more than the market expectations. The technical support provided by the customer support and the regular upgrades creates confidence in the publisher’s commitment for quality.

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