Download BTV Solo

If a user friendly experience when making your beats is what you are looking for then you should consider BTV Solo. It is one of the simplest beat making software’s. A single window is dedicated to all the controls. By simply clicking the mouse and pressing the keyboard you can create music with the one thousand plus pre-loaded music sounds. Plus, there are more than 1000 pre-made loops. All this makes BTV Solo, best for a beginner.

In BTV Solo a MIDI keyboard can be plugged into the system to access all the elements in the interface. You can also use both keyboard and the mouse to select beats. It lacks tracks, layers, and design of a traditional beat making software, but still manages to enthrall all. The 1000+ engineered sounds of BTV Solo can be added to up to 16 tracks. It is capable of automatically quantizing your music to match the rhythm of the beat to the temp you set. This feature is the highlight of BTV Solo.

However, there is more to BTV Solo. You can add effects, reverb or delay your sounds with the edit WAV files section. The beat per minute button is one of the things that stands out in BTV Solo. When listening to a song you can simply tap the BPM button and it will automatically adjust to that particular song, giving you the power to create a song with the same time signature. The how-to tutorials give you extensive knowledge about how to understand the program and its interface. In short, BTV Solo is a great audio tool.

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