Download ACA Screen Recorder

ACA Screen recorder is yet another screen recording and capturing tool for Windows, which comes with certain efficacy. If you are looking for a recording program to work comprehensively on Windows for all your video recording or editing involvement, definitely the ACA Screen Recorder has to be a premium one.

There is so much capability from the software on offer. You can very easily record the whole screen or just a specific section of the screen, with the highly convenient user interface. This software pretty comprehensively records every action from your computer screen, which is being saved on as AVI which is audio- video interleaved movie file.

This file format allows your captured video to be played at all the media players as well as gives you the opportunity to edit them using other editing software. All the Windows based keyboard hot keys control functions such as the play pause or record functionality. There will be flashing windows if you are recording from your screen or have used the pause function.

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