Download Xone 8 Flipmaker

Xone 8 Flipmaker is one of the most commonly used software utilities of the present generation of Internet users. It is a simple software, which is used to make video clips, and is extremely efficient in its functioning. This software is compatible with any web cam, and is preferred by users owing to its easy approach. Xone 8 Flipmaker allows the creation of video clips, wmv compression, taking snapshots, and transmission of snapshots or video clips through emails.

These tasks can be done easily using the Xone 8 Flipmaker, with much ease and speed. The snapshots and videos can also be uploaded on the website of Xone 8 Flipmaker and viewed by users on the Internet. Using this advanced software, it is possible to evade all the complications of video clip making and sharing.

The software performs the operations smoothly, and automatically creates all the relevant parameters. The Xone 8 launched this software utility on the 12th of January, in the year 2007. It is user friendly, and has unique help features, which deals with any problems faced by users while working with the Xone 8 Flipmaker. The installation process is quick and time saving.  This software is very compatible with Windows XP, Vista, ME, 7 and also with 8.

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