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WatcherForYou is a Surveillance software with motion detection capability. ComC’s WatcherForYou is developed after years of practice in imaging and detection algorithms. It has capabilities of monitoring the specific areas locally and distantly by utilizing the capture devices. It documents the cameras' view based on settings from user configuration, phone automatically or send alarm by email when motion detection is enabled and playback the recordings with management according to cameras and time stamps.

WatcherForYou makes use of hardware abstract layer that works with a range of capture devices and software algorithm to decipher the video signal for motion detection and recording, which is usually implemented by a costly hardware. What makes the product unique compared to the competitors is the cost-efficiency and cut edge technology.

Some other eminent features include real-time monitoring for up to 4 capture devices (capture cards, webcams, or camcorders) and flexible recording modes that support continuous, schedule, manual, and event recording. It can also record audio and video with compression and decompression options. It has Scheduler supports arrangement for 60 minute intervals. It can also take auto snapshot from multiple cameras to local disk. Noteworthy also is its recording mode and Stealth monitoring and convenient disk space management. The inbuilt Wizard helps to configure the software faster and easier.

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