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StickerCam is a webcam application that is designed to make capturing and broadcasting your webcam an easy affair. It provides you a fun and simple way to broadcast your own webcam using your favorite applications including Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. You will be able to add effects, emotions, text, symbols and images to your webcam images and even transform them before sharing over the internet.

The program lets you save the captured images to AVI video file too. StickerCam lets you add temporary effects and stickers to your webcam captures. You can view the webcam in a thumbnail preview that makes it easy and comprehensive. Now it is possible to give a new look to your webcam so that each of your webcam experience is an unique one. By decorating your webcams the way your creativity guides you, you can create pieces of art such as greetings that you can share with your loved ones to make them happy. Recording the video in intervals is possible without breaking it. You are given the freedom to save only what you want. You can make your recording attractive and interesting with the help of the stickers that the program features.

The stickers are available in a variety of designs and some of them are even animated to give you more fun with your webcams. It is possible to have multiple stickers on the same webcam and you can also add text and messages to them. Drag and drop with the stickers make it very easy to use. You can even use a single webcam over multiple applications simultaneously with this tool.

The application is one of the best webcam programs of today because of these and other features that you can discover on trying it. Do not wait to download it for you!

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