Download Tor Browser Bundle Portable

Tor Browser Bundle is a package designed for anyone who wishes anonymity in the internet world. As the name indicates, TBB allows a user to create a set up on their PC to ensure privacy of their actions. This package uses Firefox as the basic browser and has all the required configurations set in the bundle; thereby helping the user to have a quick installation of the browser on their computer. With TBB, the user can evade the prying eyes over internet of those who monitor the usage pattern and browsing habits of internet users.

The software helps the user by bouncing their communication within a network of relays supported by volunteers across the world. This helps you to prevent somebody watching your browsing behaviors such as the sites you visit and your current physical location, etc and even allows you to access sites that are blocked. These qualities enhance your privacy and secrecy. Both the Tor browser as well as the Tor network are free of cost and are supported by volunteers across the world. This package contains a Vidalia control panel and a dialog box for configuration management of the Tor network. That’s where the Bundle helps us by ensuring that all configuration set up details are taken care by the package itself. Hence this application can be used by anyone, even without proper computer basics.

This package can be installed on all Windows versions, Mac, and Linux flavors. The green globe icon is nothing but the Firefox 10 version itself, with Tor specific configurations added to its tool bar. There is a slight delay in the performance when compared to other ordinary browsers. But it is hardly annoying. The slight slowness is basically for all the internal activities happening on the browser and the tor network. This is completely free of cost browser service and the network is a valued bundle for anyone who wishes to be secured and anonymous over the internet.

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