Download Yoono Desktop

When you have more than one account over the internet that is mainly in social networking sites, then it becomes difficult to manage. Here is the software known as Yoono which helps in dealing with all your accounts at a go. The software integrates social networking websites and instant messengers. Its maintained interface makes it to be a quick browser. This application serve best for those who are hooked into social sites.

Yoono is easy to access. It has a side view, where your profiles are displayed in columns. You can post updates, photographs, and send messages all at a go. It works quickly and does not hang in between a task. A green tab will help you to share any photograph to any of your accounts. The scroll bar does not interrupt you while going through a page. In case you do not like the side view or you are not comfortable with it, you can change the settings and get back the conventional look. You can create a list of friends whom you can see in a completely new tab. You will come to know updates of the specific list. This reduces your task to locate them amongst many. Once you install it, it will show many tabs of social networking sites on the right edge. You can select the required ones.  You can also sign in with Yoono. This increases your safety. This software saves your time taken to go through many accounts searching for updates. This software reduces the excess time required to jump from one profile to another.

This small software is highly efficient as well as effective. Once you start using it, you will feel that this software makes your job much easier. Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as 8 are compatible with this software.

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