Visible Vote
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Download Visible Vote

We are all well acquainted with the voting systems and poll processes during elections in our respective countries. Visible vote is foremost application software that allows you to cast a virtual vote on the same measure that your colleagues or representatives vote .It keeps you informed about your current position with the help of fax machines. Visible vote also controls the way the congressmen vote in alignment with you and the people they represent. The Visible vote software is an unbiased service that brings the power back to you and aims at bringing greater clarity in our representative form of government. You may discover innovative ways of advice, communication, and the proper way to track your legislators.

You can perform a number of functions with the help of this application. You can give job approval ratings on all the legislators together with the president. You can leave comments on bills and legislators with the help of mobile service.Even the application provides you with certain other facilities. You can easily track out the one who is voting against you. It keeps a track of the legislators’ agreement percentage in making future election decisions. It also sends a letter every week to your legislators on the way you and others are in your district are voting.

The software also synchronizes and integrates with the networks of face book and twitter. The visible vote software is compatible with the operating systems of windows 8, vista, and XP platform.


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