Twitter time machine

Download Twitter time machine

Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites for the present generation. People using twitter often confront a problem of forgetting the messages they have posted after a definite period of time. Twitter time machine is such software which enables you to explore your twitter timeline seamlessly .Moreover it helps you to keep a tab on  the texts that you have posted from your twitter account according to days, time that is in the order they were posted by you. You can select a date from the slider and search for just a specific word.

The most important option offered by the twitter time machine is that its users will find the possibility to import and export the timeline of any user account. It enables the users to input the exact data that they want to monitor to move directly to that contents. They also provide the facility to input a text and search when a certain text was updated. It reflects all the details about it such as time and the dates that coincide with it. The twitter time machine is limited to about three thousand two hundred tweets due to the twitter app limitations.

The twitter time machine requires .NET Framework 4.0 installed in the system. It is compatible with all the versions of windows such as XP, 7, Vista.