Download TweetDraw

We are familiar with the paint application which almost everyone has used. Tweetdraw is a similar application. It allows you to paint anything you wish to and use it as your tweet feed. With a single click you can share it in the form of a tweet. This is an easier process over the conventional process.

Whenever you want to tweet a photo drawn by yourself in paint application you have to store it into your system and then you have to transfer the picture all by manual measures to the specified site. This application pulls you through the trouble of saving and again browsing to upload it. After you finish your drawing in the application, you can directly put up your drawn pictures to the specified site.  Whenever there is new publication of this software, your installed software will be automatically updated. You will get the best tools always. It also protects from internet deceiving.

Whenever you find that something is not available in this application. Please be a little patient. You need not uninstall it at once. This software is newly developed and you can send in your queries, objection as well as suggestion in a forum in time. This software is available in Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista as well as 7.