Super uploader for facebook

Download Super uploader for facebook

If you are tired of waiting for videos and photos to be uploaded to your Facebook account, you must try the super Uploader for Facebook. The super uploader for Facebook is a reliable and handy utility produced by Markelsoft. It enables the users to manage and take control of the various files and folders. It makes the social networking sites navigation useful. It is a perfect tool to upload various files, folders, videos or individual photos to the Facebook profile directly.

After you have installed this software you need to log-in in your Facebook account. All you need is to drag and drop the required folders and videos you want to upload to the super uploader application. A thumbnail will appear for each and every photo you drop. You may enter a suitable album name after the photos are filled in. You may also enter some other details like time, date and so on. When you have added all the specifications you need to press the upload button that will safely upload all your photos to Facebook. Once they are uploaded, you may use the super uploader option to view the uploaded photos and videos.

This software can be used only if the user has a Facebook account and an internet connection. Further it can upload only two photos at a time. It is compatible with the operating systems of Windows 8, vista and XP platform.