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Social networks are now on the rise. With the number of passing days more and more social networking sites are being launched. Even though there are some sites which are far more popular than they others, but still as user you would love to indulge in with all the latest social sites to keep in touch with your friends. It’s way more fun to keep more than one account in the same site in order to play a prank or hide your real identity to some. Even though it is quite fun but sometimes it’s also pretty difficult to remember all the account id’s and passwords.

Social Networking Manager is pretty handy software for you if you love your social life and also love being online on a regular basis. This software is one of its kinds which give you a unique opportunity to manage all your social accounts in an organized manner. This internet software allows you to login and at the same time save up-to eight different accounts for each different social networking site. With the help of this software you also get the opportunity to login to multiple social networking sites at the same time just by clicking to different pages.

Besides managing your passwords and user id, Social Networking Manger also allows you to save your messages. You can easily copy any of your saved messages and paste it into your other account according to your convenience. It gives you the option to save about four messages at a time per account. With the help of this software you can connect to sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter and many others at just one go. For all the social addicts this is definitely a software you must install.